Надіслати запит Приєднуйтесь до Sii
Надіслати запит Приєднуйтесь до Sii

Sii supports Mojo – an innovative startup creating the AI-powered future of fertility care

Thriving Artificial Intelligence seems to have unlimited applications. The most exciting ones try to solve large-scale problems. Mojo is a French medtech startup with a vision to develop solutions that become the new ‘gold standard’ in fertility care and increase success rates threefold. Their solution for supporting the diagnosis of infertility – a microscope powered by the AI, automatically analyses the human sperm quicker, cheaper and more accurate. The company needed the support of skilled professionals to optimize and speed up the work. The engineers from the Embedded Competency Center in Sii support Mojo with organizing test framework and improving the code quality that enable Mojo to focus on the most important functionalities they provide to their clients.

A new frontier in fertility care

Mojo is an innovative startup aiming to change the world’s perception on infertility. In nearly half of the cases, it is caused by men, but medicine has not yet developed good tools for the diagnosis of sperm abnormalities, therefore the treatment process is usually focused on the woman. Mojo is working on solutions to change this state of affairs, including developing an artificially intelligent microscope for analyzing sperm. This is a real game changer in relation to the existing methods of testing the material. It makes the examination much more accurate – Mojo tools are extremely accurate – they show 97% agreement with the standards, achieving a really great result. What’s more, it takes Mojo, on average, 7.5 shorter test times while reducing the involvement of two lab technicians.
– Our vision is to develop solutions that become the new ‘gold standard’ in fertility care and transforms success rates from 25% to 75%. Through AI and robotics, we’re making high quality treatment quicker, cheaper and more accurate. Our global male fertility data bank represents the first step towards precision medicine in fertility – says Daniel Thomas, Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Mojo.

Multi-level challenges

Working on such an innovative solution is a very complex project. During the work on the solution aimed at providing best practices semen assessment consistently and reliably for every laboratory and complying with the WHO guidelines, the client faced challenges such as:
• finding the right people to expand the team,
• transition from startup to processing reproducible software development,
• improvement of data pipelines critical to AI training.
Sii was ready to support Mojo in this fascinating endeavor on many levels. A team of experts, created in response to the client’s needs, supported Mojo with organizing test framework and improving the code quality, enabling the company to focus on the most important functionalities they provide to their clients.

– Quality is key, especially in cases like Mojo’s – says Paweł Czapiewski, Consultant at Sii. – We organized the appropriate technical verification and provided Mojo with extra resources to enhance the software development team’s main focus on providing Python source code – adds Czapiewski.

– Currently, we are in a process of building a test framework, so the whole team would have more clarity on the challenges they are facing, fix detected issues quicker and improve customer experience by dedicated more time for their customers – says Katarzyna Łabędź,  Senior Software Engineer at Sii, who also reveals some more technical details. – Using Python’s testing tool: Pytest, we are creating unit tests to cover individual parts of the code. During this testing process, we have gained an opportunity to learn from each other and we have found a better understanding of medical tool’s issues so over time we become more and more self-reliant in some issues. Additionally, using the Robot Framework tool we are developing a system tests module and with that, we are in a process of setting up CI/CD environment. It gives us a clean and simple solution for running our tests and generating reports for our client – adds Katarzyna Łabędź.
The main benefit for the client was to increase the quality of the delivered solution and improve the confidentiality and the reproducibility of the development process – all of these objectives were successfully achieved.

Technology as a driving force for development

By providing advice and implementing new solutions, Sii specialists helped Mojo to improve the quality of both code and documentation, and made technical debt manageable. The new features are now created faster and any issues detected by the customer are easier to fix. As a result, Mojo is expanding and more and more clinics are now starting to use their software.

– I found this project very exciting as an engineer whose work has a positive impact on people lives – says Katarzyna Łabędź. – Not every startup has this much courage to be a pioneer in such a narrow field of medicine. Mojo team has many challenges ahead of them, but they are very motivated and have a strong belief, proven by data, that their product will help thousands of people around the world. It is a pleasure to work with such great experts and nice people at the same time. We can always count on each other support – adds Katarzyna Łabędź.

Benefit from our scale and experience in implementing the projects for clients from around the world, while maintaining the highest safety standards. Check out our offer and see how we can help you to develop your business.

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