Надіслати запит Приєднуйтесь до Sii
Надіслати запит Приєднуйтесь до Sii

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare – find out how the combination of technology and Sii experts’ experience helps protect the health and life of patients

The COVID-19 pandemic and limitations stemming from it have shown that the healthcare sector requires modern, reliable solutions to respond more effectively to crises. The need to improve the process of communication with the patient and the organization of all activities related to health protection have become particularly important. One of the modern technological tools answering these changes is the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare solution. Sii has started the onboarding program for Dynamics 365 for Healthcare and now is successfully implementing D365-based projects on this market.

Effective healthcare management with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides a comprehensive set of tools for the healthcare sector. As a mix of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, it accelerates the implementation of solutions by healthcare organizations. Patients, suppliers and process coordinators can perform daily tasks in a modern yet familiar user interface that offers high functionality. Here you will find modules such as:

  • Care Management: coordination and management of tasks/plans/medical teams
  • Home Health: planning and coordination of home visits
  • Patient Service Center: personalized patient care with a 360-degree view

In addition, the system supports purchasing, stock managing, ordering and invoicing. It is available in both cloud and on-premise environments and includes task flow and approval processes as well as reporting and Business Intelligence.

– Considering the comprehensive environment provided by Microsoft and vertical industry solutions, this approach will be an advantage for customers who decide to cooperate with us. That is why we invited Sii to the program. Sii is the company that covers all technological areas provided by Microsoft and has extensive experience in the Healthcare market – says Monika Burdach, Partner Development Manager at Microsoft.

How a modern approach to the patient’s care can look like?

With integrated Microsoft solutions it is possible to transform the approach to the patient, taking care of their health and anticipating crisis situations.

– Good usage of Microsoft-based tools allows companies to create a completely new patient experience – says Artur Rusek, Business Development Manager at Sii. – Let’s imagine a patient that wants to book a doctor’s appointment. They are logging in to the system picking the right date and after a while, they get an SMS with a link to MS Teams meeting. Meanwhile, a system powered by PowerApps sends information about their health parameters to the doctor. During the appointment, the doctor already has all the needed information on the dashboard prepared in Dynamics 365 and Power BI and can make better decisions related to the treatment – he adds.

And this is only the beginning of a new approach to efficient healthcare that can include also a better management of medical teams and personalized patients’ care.

Dynamics 365 in Sii’s healthcare projects

The Microsoft technology ecosystem with Sii’s competence contribute to the digitalization of processes, elimination of human errors, improvement of efficiency and prediction, minimization of operating costs, and increasing its effectiveness at the same time.

Sii experts prove that in a project for Beckton Dickinson, a leading company in the global medical technology market, that faced the challenge of improving its sales management processes. Based on the Power Apps technology, a dedicated team of experts prepared a tool that provides sales departments with the knowledge and information needed to make sales decisions and optimize prices.

Another significant project was carried out for one of Sii’s German clients. Sii experts created a Power Apps based portal for communication and management of vaccination registration. Thanks to the low-code technology it was possible to deliver the project in a short period of time, which is crucial for the industry.

For one of the most modern biotechnology companies in Europe, Sii has delivered several Dynamics 365 based solutions from customer relationship building systems, through project portfolio management, to communication platforms. The client took advantage of the whole Microsoft ecosystem that allowed the company to make the most of implemented solutions.

– Sii already boasts projects for the healthcare sector and cooperation with its leaders – Wojciech Drescher, Head of Healthcare at Sii, explains. – And this is only the beginning because in our sales funnel there are hospitals, distribution, sales and production companies whom we will soon help build an advantage on the market – he adds.

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