Надіслати запит Приєднуйтесь до Sii
Надіслати запит Приєднуйтесь до Sii

Electronic engineering, sales data integration, cybersecurity and e-commerce solutions – check some of the most exciting new projects and key wins for the last quarter

As usual, a quarter-end close encourages summaries. For Sii, the last three months have resulted in many won opportunities and become the beginning of cooperation with new international clients. See the top 12 cases in which Sii’s services turned out to be the best choice for the clients.

Dematic GmbH

Sii has started two projects for Dematic – a leading supplier of automated system solutions optimizing supply chains. Sii won a tender to provide electrical engineering services to Dematic’s customer – a chain of convenience stores in Poland. The team will be responsible for setting up the electrical installation in one of the chain’s warehouses located in East-Central Poland. A similar project will be carried out for the large American technology company which is one of Dematic’s key customers. This time Sii engineers will help the company’s warehouse by setting up their electrical installation. Dematic also asked Sii to build a team of PLC programmers to support its customer. So far, they have provided programming services to the customer’s warehouses all over Europe, including the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland. 

A consumer electronics and home appliances vendor

Sii has started a new exciting e-commerce project, which includes building a new Order Management System for one of the leading Polish retailers. Its aim is to support the sale of products in the retail network. A team of developers and testers is creating a system that integrates a number of the client’s systems. Thanks to the delivered software, the client will be able to supervise orders from various store branches, monitor their condition, oversee sales and returns documents, guarantees, insurances and gift cards. 


Sii expert team took part in Sennheiser’s project based on the creation of a Device Simulator, which is a software application to simulate the audio hardware in the network. The application will simulate the connection of up to 500 network devices at once for testing purposes. 

A technology company that manufactures vehicle components

The project concerns porting of software to a new hardware platform. Due to silicon chip shortages, the product requires new hardware with a new microcontroller. The project activities include the creation of new drivers layers, integration and configuration of a full automotive technology stack. 

An online e-commerce platform

As part of the project, Sii will develop new functionalities for an e-commerce platform so its clients can send/pick up parcels in an easy and time-efficient way. With the company’s many ideas for the next features, the team expects the cooperation to grow dynamically. 

All Good SA

Sii won the implementation of the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform to enhance the key distribution channel for the Coffeedesk brand on European markets. The solution will allow using the full potential of Salesforce by integrating sales data on the platform with Salesforce CRM and integration with ERP and PIM. The goal of the implementation is to automate the currently supported orders and inquiries (delivery dates, availability, recurring standing orders, quick payments), access to the customer base and comprehensive shopping advisory (product prompts, up- and cross-selling).

A global investment bank and financial services firm

Sii was requested to set up a team consisting of SIEM and SOAR developers, system security engineers, vulnerability management analysts and engineers to support the client. The project involved requirements analysis for security automation and vulnerability management. Another step was the implementation of Linux security automation features. Last but not least, the team implemented automated incident management workbooks. 

A semiconductor manufacturer

Our team continues to support one of the leading semiconductor companies in the area of smart sensors design and development. The scope of the project includes designing, creating and maintaining a software development kit for radar devices and ultrasonic microphones. 

A digital solutions provider

The client had an ever-growing need for quality software engineers. Our ability to quickly summon highly experienced AEM developers came in handy. We started with 7 AEM Developers and a while ago had a meeting with the client’s management on how to develop our partnership and become strategic partners. The company has ambitious growth plans, many of which involve the solutions we can supply. 

A world leader in outdoor and transportation products

The subject of the implemented project is an automatic riveting machine for bike arm jaws. Sii experts are responsible for the design, assembly and commissioning of the whole machine. What’s more, the next project stage – a riveting machine for bike arm jaws and stations for assembling the entire bike holder – is being discussed. 

A global biopharmaceutical company

Our team provided the whole customer group with 1-year Atlassian licenses, helping improve their performance. Together with licenses, Sii offered additional services in the area of Jira, engaging 5 FTE specialists monthly. 

A leading producer of Automation, Industrial Systems and Solutions

Taking part in the project, Sii’s remote teams of C++ developers and testers support the client through the development of a next-generation configuration tool for HMI devices. The solution allows the configuration of the connected automation devices and visualization of the process control. 

Meet our amazing Sales team involved in these projects.

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