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Effective test automation – how to accelerate product launch on the market by up to 50%

Test automation is one of the key factors determining the quality and efficiency of test processes in an organization. It allows you to reduce the costs of software testing and, at the same time, accelerate the process of launching products on the market by up to 50%. However, to achieve good results, automation must be well planned and flawlessly implemented.

How to automate effectively?

Automation is essential for the efficient testing of software produced in agile methodologies. If it is effective, it can cut time-to-market by as much as 50%. However, to be sure that automation will actually speed up testing and will be cost-effective, you need to choose the right frameworks and know good practices.

What increases the cost of automation the most is the lack of priorities and well-defined business requirements, as well as test redundancy.

– In each release, not only the number of functionalities in our systems increases, but also the number of tests. Among them, there are those that do not check anything and never find errors, so the basis for building a more effective automation is always determining the appropriate scope of tests – says Marcin Laksander, Director of the Test Services Competency Center at Sii.

Automation should be built around a test pyramid and focus more on the API level than the UI. To further speed up testing, it is worth using the parallel execution – running test on multiple machines, thanks to which you can reduce the testing time from days to a few minutes.

The challenge in automated testing is often to avoid the pitfalls of maintaining tests and avoid wasting resources on maintaining hundreds of scripts. Much depends on the choice of the right tools.

With what to automate?

Choosing the best solution is not an easy task and requires taking into account many factors. The technology in which the tested system is produced, the variety of system integration, technical skills and programming languages ​​that test team members know, and the technology entry curve, which is the speed with which these people are able to learn to use the solution effectively, are of key importance.

– Before implementing test automation, our clients very often decide on Proof of Concept, thanks to which they can see how the selected test frameworks perform in their environment. This is a great opportunity to compare tools and select the one that will be best suited to the software development methodology and meet the design requirements – says Szymon Wróblak, Engagement Manager at Sii.

One of the few test automation solutions that is able to meet the requirements of agile software development methodologies is Tricentis Tosca. Tosca supports over 160 technologies, it is also an extremely accessible solution thanks to minimizing the amount of code (low-code / no-code). The Tricentis tool is also unrivaled in terms of maintaining automated tests. Correction of tests after changes in the application takes – according to Sii experts – from 30 to 80% less time than in case of comparable tools. The advantages of introducing this tool and its direct impact on business are shown by the project carried out by Sii for one of the world’s largest courier companies.

Is it worth automating by yourself?

Errors related to the implementation of improperly planned and, as a result, ineffective automation may involve costs that everyone in business wants to avoid. That is why it is worth entrusting this task to experts.

Sii is a company that deals with continuous testing. This means it focuses on optimizing and streamlining the testing process by using automation in the early stages of the software development cycle. As a result, our experts receive feedback on the business risks associated with each software version as soon as possible. As a result, Sii will help you:

  • increase the periodicity of releasing new software versions,
  • automate more and reduce testing costs,
  • improve software quality.

If you want our experts to help you choose the scope of tests and build an appropriate automation framework using open-source and commercial tools, please contact us. As a managed test services provider, Sii takes over all test processes, so you can focus on your core business goals. Find out more on our website.

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