Надіслати запит Приєднуйтесь до Sii
Надіслати запит Приєднуйтесь до Sii

E-solutions for patients – how Sii supports E-Health Center in the digitization of health services

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the eyes of all citizens have been on healthcare institutions. The use of information technology and the development of IT support systems have become particularly important. The E-Health Centre established by the Minister of Health has played a key role in this process, contributing further to what it has been doing continuously since 2000, i.e. supporting the computerization of health protection. Sii – an expert in the field of IT systems development and maintenance, management and project support – has been involved in the initiatives aimed at improving the quality of medical services in the country.

E-health within your reach

The E-Health Centre (CEZ) is an entity that combines sectoral knowledge with technical competence in the development of IT solutions. It specializes in the creation of IT systems supporting health services in Poland. So far, this mixture of exceptional competencies has allowed the creation of an Online Patient Portal and mobile MojeIKP application, as well as systems such as e-Prescription, e-Referral, System for Recording Health Protection Resources, System for Monitoring the Training of Medical Personnel or Medical Registers. Choosing the most effective ways of operation, CEZ works on part of the solutions in the “design, build, deliver” mode, while part of the systems is developed by internal project teams consisting of employees of the Center and specialists acquired from the market based on signed framework outsourcing agreements. The method of selecting consultants for the project guarantees the acquisition of highly qualified specialists.

– The E-Health Center is an example of an innovative approach to public procurement. When choosing a supplier, the entity takes into account not only the price but above all the competence and experience, as a result of which the best of the best work on projects of such importance. Our expert teams have been supporting CEZ continuously since 2019. Currently, 50 highly skilled Sii specialists are involved in cooperation – Marta Przeor, Head of Industry Public & Utilities at Sii, explains.

Blood donation 2.0

One of the most important areas of cooperation between Sii and the E-Health Centre is the e-Blood project, which concerns the computerization of the public blood service and more effective supervision over hemotherapy. This state-of-the-art IT solution will optimize the system of supply and demand for blood and its components by monitoring their use, analyzing current needs and reaching donors with specific blood types. The result of the project will be the creation of a central system improving the exchange of data between many entities involved in the process of blood collection and its use in medicine and the effective management of the data obtained and used.

– The e-Blood project is a closed system, the creation of which is based on offering value to different target groups: candidates for blood donors, donors themselves, entities engaged in therapeutic activities, Blood Donation and Hemotherapy Centers, as well as institutions supervising the blood donation system – says Paweł Kłębowski, Chief Analyst in the e-Blood project.

The solution will allow citizens to access profiled information and certificates, as well as to make appointments or cancel donations. Moreover, it will help institutions to place orders for blood or inform about adverse effects and transfusion reactions. It will also enable immunohematological consultation and information to be obtained as part of the “look back” procedure, which involves tracking all components in the blood of donors who have tested positive for virus or syphilis during a screening test.

Invaluable benefits

It is certain that the work carried out jointly by the E-Health Centre and Sii specialists within the framework of the e-Blood project will bring a significant increase in the number of donors and arouse interest in blood donation, which is absolutely invaluable from the point of view of saving lives. In addition, the implementation of the system means a significantly increased effectiveness of medical entities and time savings resulting from the automation of administrative tasks and the flow of information.

– For Sii, being able to participate in the e-Blood project, and as a result, having a real impact on improving the Polish blood donation and hemotherapy system is a source of pride, and, at the same time, the best certificate our experts could obtain – Marta Przeor concludes.

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