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Mastering AI the responsible way. Learn how Sii combines innovation with compliance with industry standards 

Organizations of all sizes and sectors are increasingly turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to navigate market shifts and predict future trends. The ability to make informed and timely technology decisions is key to stimulating growth and improving decision-making processes. And this is where Sii steps in. Led by specialists such as Marcin Mosiołek, AI Domain Expert and 2024 Microsoft AI MVP, the company offers innovative and ethical solutions that help businesses stay ahead of their markets. 

End-to-end AI support from Sii

Backed by over 50 AI specialists across multiple Competency Centers, Sii offers one-stop-shop AI services, from engineering to data science and MLOps. The team creates customized strategies that tackle complex challenges and produce clear results for clients. 

The company uses an interdisciplinary strategy to offer a full scope of AI capabilities. Its extensive experience with major platforms such as OpenAI, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Snowflake and Palantir ensures that projects adhere to stringent security, data privacy, and regulatory standards. Sii’s capabilities extend to the development of both frontends and backends, enabling full operationalization of AI models. The company’s expertise also includes embedded technologies that integrate AI directly into devices. 

To maintain superior quality and performance, Sii testing teams apply both traditional and AI-powered tools, like Tricentis Tosca and Mabl. This dual approach assures the reliability and effectiveness of their AI services, aligning with the best industry benchmarks and client expectations. 

Optimizing AI project lifecycle with proven methodologies 

Sii is proud of its well-established AI project development processes. These are based on proven methods known as AI Agile and CRISP Delivery Management that ensure projects are reliable and outcomes are successful. 

— The life cycle of an AI project differs from standard software projects and doesn’t end with deployment — explains Marcin Mosiołek, AI Domain Expert at Sii, who has been recently awarded the Microsoft MVP title in Artificial Intelligence. — Iterative changes are necessary as data, concepts, and market conditions evolve. Our process includes continuous data understanding, preparation, and modeling, allowing us to refine our solutions to meet real-world demands — he continues. 

Data-driven AI development starts with a deep understanding of each client’s business and processes, followed by careful data preparation for machine learning, and then, successive stages of the work. Sii projects are carried out with the customer in mind, prioritizing safety and compliance with industry-specific requirements. 

Sii R&D initiatives in Artificial Intelligence 

Sii is currently incorporating AI into various domains, including legal services, as part of its research and development initiatives. The standout project uses the GPT-4 model to enhance contract analysis for effective legal reviews. The focus is on identifying potential risks in documents linked to jargon usage and the need to adapt to constantly evolving regulatory requirements. 

— To address these issues, our team applied the tree-of-thought prompting strategies, which structure input to simulate step-by-step reasoning and enhance accuracy. The system was specifically tailored for identifying risks in non-disclosure agreements, and it also covers clause extraction and classification based on complex legal documents — explains Marcin Mosiołek

Most importantly, the project has achieved 92% precision, successfully identifying 98% of all risks, thereby substantially increasing the reliability and effectiveness of legal reviews at Sii. 

Real-world AI applications in Sii’s client projects 

Focusing on performance, Sii emphasizes decision-making based on data. The company optimizes processes through advanced prompt engineering that relies on machine learning and a deep understanding of underlying artificial neural networks. These methods have allowed Sii specialists to significantly reduce operational costs for clients. They’ve already applied these strategies in over 30 global AI projects in generative AI, Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision. Below are a few examples of these successful implementations: 

  • Automated document processing pipeline for Dodge Data & Analytics​  a mechanism that classifies thousands of documents daily to extract construction market news and enriches data with more than 85% success rate. It has successfully decreased processing times and costs, improving accuracy over manual methods. 
  • Online brand monitoring for a top provider of dialysis products and services  an AI web crawler with dashboard analytics that enhances service quality through precisely monitoring clinic customers’ opinions online and delivering related insights. 
  • Article summarization for a key distributor of financial market data and news  a GPT-based news editing tool that streamlines editorial processes and provides critical insights for efficient decision-making. 
  • Visual identification of cargo types​ for a leading global engineering company  a deep learning network utilizing camera streams that achieves 95% efficiency in cargo identification, minimizing manual intervention and optimizing operations. 

By combining expertise, innovation, and ethical practices, Sii helps clients maintain a competitive edge but, above all, do so responsibly. 

Read more about Sii AI projects in Data & Analytics in the article. 

Future-proofing AI compliance and knowledge-sharing 

Over the years, Sii has taken a cross-cutting approach to artificial intelligence, focusing on AI governance, development, and compliance, with a strong emphasis on responsible AI practices. Looking ahead to the newly adopted EU Artificial Intelligence Act, which will come into force by 2026 to transform the regulatory landscape, the company is further aligning its strategies with the upcoming changes. 

— Sii fully supports the assumptions implied by the passed regulations. We aim to address client needs in line with market dynamics and protect them against potential penalties, including fines up to EUR 35 million or 7% of global turnover. Through this approach, we’re preparing for a smooth transition into the new reality of AI governance, the area that guarantees solution safety and security — concludes Marcin Mosiołek. 

Simultaneously, the company regularly launches knowledge-sharing initiatives like Microsoft Copilot interactive tutorials recorded by Sii experts that showcase practical AI usage in applications such as Dynamics 365 Sales and Power Platform. By doing so, Sii aims to popularize advanced AI strategies across industries and demonstrate how AI is crucial in optimizing processes. 

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