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Our key strengths

250+ experts

data scientists, solution architects, data analysts specialized in selected business domains, data engineers, UX/UI designers

Extensive domain knowledge

in the areas of finance and controlling, sales and customer service, supply chain management, manufacturing and quality assurance

One-stop shop

All the necessary products delivered in cooperation with experts in the areas of digital services, infrastructure, engineering as well as Dynamics 365, SAP or Salesforce

Leading cloud platforms

including Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Snowflake, Informatica Cloud to support the entire data analytics workflow

Modern reporting tools

such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik Sense, Tableau to streamline and automate the reporting process

Comprehensive data platform support

from solution assessment, architecture design, DevOps, implementation to maintenance

Meet our experts!

We offer bespoke solutions crafted to address your specific challanges

Modern Platforms for Data Integration and Management

Regardless of the scale and profile of your business, we will help you acquire and manage corporate information by building scalable, flexible and secure Data Platforms

Regardless of the scale and profile of your business, we will help you acquire...

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  • Data Cloud Transformation - audits of existing solutions, defining a new data strategy, and building data migration plan from on-prem to cloud
  • Data Integration from multiple sources including operational & CRM systems, factory-floor devices, web and mobile applications, open data sources
  • Data Lake and Data Warehouse Architecture design, aligned with best practices and patterns, to ensure your Data Platform perfectly suits your business needs
  • Master Data Management implementing processes and tools to manage a single source of the core data entities that are shared across multiple systems and departments within an organization
  • Real-time Data Processing - solutions for streaming data and events on the fly to gain immediate insights into company operations, customers, and market conditions
  • Data Governance & Compliance solutions consisting of data access controls, encryption, audit logs, data quality maintenance, policies enforcement and compliance with legal requirements
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Partner with us today to unleash the full potential of your data. Our analytics services provide you with the foresight needed to adapt, innovate, and outperform your competitors. Let our analytics support your growth!

Partner with us today to unleash the full potential of your data. Our analytics...

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  • Self-service BI & Mobile BI empower business users to quickly explore and gain insights from data
  • Custom reports and dashboards based on the best data storytelling techniques
  • Advanced AI analytics used for data analysis automation, accurate predictions about future outcomes or events, supporting decision-making processes
  • Anomaly Detection identifying and responding to critical events that drive business outcomes such as fraud, security breaches, or system failures
  • Natural Language Processing, extracting and analyzing valuable information from text documents, customer feedback, social media post etc.
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Tailored data-driven insights for your organization

We empower strategic processes and business operations in various areas

We empower strategic processes and business operations in various areas

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  • Reporting for finance & controlling: profit & lost statement, balance sheet, cash flow, actual vs budget
  • Sales Performance & Forecasting by product, sales channel, customer segment, salesperson, and pricing strategy
  • Supply Chain Management: supplier performance, transportation & logistic analysis, inventory analysis, demand planning & forecasting
  • Production & Product: production process efficiency, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance, product cost and quality
  • Green Analytics: carbon footprint analysis, energy & water management, Environmental Reporting & Compliance
  • Marketing: customer 360, campaign 360, product development trends
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Customized reporting in selected industries:

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  • Healthcare: hospital management dashboard, disease trends evaluation, diagnostic analysis
  • Banking & Insurance: customer 360, risk analysis, fraud analysis, investment, and operational analysis
  • Construction & IT: project management & performance, earned value, planned value, and actual cost, risk analysis, resource allocation
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