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Teamed up for innovation since 2006. Learn more about the long-standing collaboration between Sii and Thales

In today’s fast-paced market driven by change, Sii offers a unique Team as a Service solution. Their successful partnership with global tech leader Thales, formerly – Gemalto, proves that flexible collaboration can lead to measurable success. Discover how they’ve driven innovation together since 2006, tackling technology challenges in over 15 joint projects.

For years, Sii has collaborated with Thales, a major global tech player with a workforce of 77 000 spread across five continents. Thales is known for its cutting-edge technology, including Big Data, AI, and cybersecurity, and they specialize in defense, aerospace, and digital security solutions.

Moreover, in 2021, Sii Group has become a Platinum engineering services partner with Thales, which means they will provide their expertise in software, electronics, bid and project management, quality assurance, and cybersecurity to serve Thales’s needs worldwide.

A shared journey – Thales and Sii’s collaboration history

Sii and Thales, previously Gemalto, have collaborated for over 17 years. Since the beginning, and after Gemalto’s acquisition by Thales in 2018, the partnership has been based on mutual trust and shared goals.

— Together, we’ve worked on more than 15 projects, with Sii delivering from both Thales’s premises and their own state-of-the-art Nearshore Delivery Centers in Poland. This long-term partnership demonstrates their commitment to innovation and excellence in the high-tech industry — comments Aleksandra Archacka, Business Manager at Sii Poland.

A leap into the future of mobile transactions

— In 2012, Gemalto planned to create an innovative mobile transaction system — explains Aleksandra Archacka. — To achieve this, they needed a strong and reliable partner who could meet their rigorous requirements and could set up a dedicated Nearshore Delivery Center. At the time, we were one of only two companies in Poland that met these standards, determined by an audit. Additionally, the client required assembling a team of 20 experienced engineers in less than three months — she adds.

Sii met all of Gemalto’s security requirements, quickly building a professional resource pool for international markets They also provided a modern delivery center with top-notch security measures, monitoring, access control, and alarms. As part of onboarding, each specialist underwent security training that ended with an exam. Eventually, the team consisted of 50 specialists who collaborated to create a contactless payment platform for mobile operators and financial institutions, which required extensive testing, validation, and production environment support.

As a result, the project streamlined customer-system installations transforming the mobile financial service landscape. Additionally, Sii engineers traveled to the customer site to implement and integrate the solution we created, and to provide training for end-customers.

Crafting an all-inclusive solution for mobile operators and banks

Diving deeper into digital innovation, Sii consultants collaborated with Thales on an extensive project to craft server systems tailored for various mobile operators like Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, and financial institutions, including Getin Bank and BNP Paribas. The project had a multifaceted scope:

  • Developing bespoke software enabling seamless integration between mobile operator backends and banking infrastructures;
  • Ensuring rigorous validation for system safety, reliability, and efficiency;
  • Overseeing the entire life cycle from integration to live production environment tests.

The outcome? Complex software that covered security, scalability, and cutting-edge technology. With Sii’s oversight, the implementation phase smoothly transitioned to successful acceptance tests. All this simplified mobile payment services for Thales, enabling smoother interaction with major tokenization services.

Elevating Sii’s R&D excellence — the CIR accreditation

The projects mentioned are just a fraction of Sii’s work for Thales. It’s important to note that in 2012, NFC contactless payments were a global innovation. Additionally, Sii experts provided solutions for mobile payments, bank card production, and mobile operator projects.

Sii’s ongoing dedication to innovation has led to tangible achievements, as demonstrated by the prestigious Research Tax Credit (CIR) accreditation by the French Ministry of Higher Education Research and Innovation, awarded for more than a decade of commitment to research and development.

In 2023, Sii Poland was recognized again for leveraging its expertise in the EVAA research project to fight world hunger. For French businesses looking to invest in R&D, the CIR status can offer them significant tax breaks. This means they can invest more efficiently in new projects and technologies while working with Sii at competitive rates.

Driving innovation forward

— Sii Poland stands at the forefront of modern technology solutions — comments Przemysław Włoczkowski, Head of Hi-Tech, Electronic and Industrial Engineering Industry at Sii Poland. — Our Team as a Service model seamlessly combines with our Nearshore Delivery Centers, ensuring a dynamic and effective collaboration. With our profound expertise in business and technical advisory, we guarantee high-tech solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible — he concludes.

By prioritizing quality, reliability, and professionalism, Sii has established itself as a trusted leader in the industry, delivering value and driving growth for its clients.

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