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Even more effective, better monitored and fully automatic performance tests – Sii’s partnership with Dynatrace

Sii established cooperation with Dynatrace, a provider of the leading platform for monitoring applications’ behavior. The partnership is a milestone in building the Next-Generation Performance Testing  solutions. The new offer will help Sii’s clients make their performance testing even more effective, enabling continuous testing of the developed product, as well as monitoring and scaling of the tests.

The leading solution 

Dynatrace is a tool that allows you intelligently monitor applications and determine the reasons for specific behavior of systems. It delivers observability that is more than metrics, logs, and traces. The solution supports over 500 technologies and gives precise answers through a full-stack topological model and unparalleled AI engine. It is all in one platform for modern and enterprise applications, allowing for:

  • end-to-end monitoring of the behavior of your applications,
  • full automation of all application monitoring processes,
  • effective cooperation between teams thanks to quick access to the data they need,
  • monitoring end-user behavior, key customer journeys, and system performance on a current basis.

Dynatrace is a leading solution widely recognized on the international market. For the 11th time, Gartner has named it a leader in its 2021 Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring and once again, positioned Dynatrace highest and furthest in both Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute categories. Gartner also scored Dynatrace highest in 4 out of 5 Critical Capabilities use cases in the 2021 Gartner Critical Capabilities APM report. What is more, Forester named Dynatrace a Leader in Artificial Intelligence For IT Operations in the Forrester Wave for AIOps in 2020.

– We are very happy to see Dynatrace among our partners: Microsoft and Tricentis, . This is a final milestone in building our Next-Generation Performance Testing offering. We have invested a lot of effort in ramping up our team of experts and providing them with the proper toolset so our clients can be sure that we deliver complete testing services at the highest quality – says Marcin Laksander, Testing Competency Center Director at Sii.

The Next-Generation Performance Testing at Sii

The Next-Generation Performance Tests is an all-around non-functional testing offering by Sii. It covers unit, load, stress, soak, and spike tests with full performance system monitoring that allows predicting behavior of the system even more accurately, and hence, effectively prevent breakdowns and unavailability. It is fully automated, uses AI, can scale performance tests and execute on-demand tests from all major cloud providers and multiple geographic locations. 

– We could not imagine delivering our services without Dynatrace, which enables fully automatic instrumentation, technology recognition, and monitoring of the behavior of individual application components – says Artur Dudek, Lead Performance Test Architect at Sii.

Tests far above their standard form

The combination of well-chosen tools of the highest quality and many years of experience of Sii experts makes it possible to raise tests far above their standard form, enabling continuous testing of the developed product, as well as monitoring and scaling of the tests.

Sii offers full support of the process, including:

  • new approach implementation,
  • tools and assistance in their integration,
  • dedicated trainings,
  • ongoing support during execution and analysis of performance issues.

See how next-generation performance tests can revolutionize your organization’s testing processes

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