Надіслати запит Приєднуйтесь до Sii
Надіслати запит Приєднуйтесь до Sii

Python, Embedded & the Squid Game – what happens when we put it together? Join our webinar!

If you think about programming languages in the embedded world, you’ll probably think first and foremost about C and C++ ones. But how about Python? It has gained a significant share in the embedded space as well. It’s one of the top programming languages which is growing and spreading its tentacles to multiple domains – be it web development, data analytics, or AI/ML. Moreover, Python is a great tool for POC allowing us to quickly demonstrate functionalities and verify concepts.

In the webinar, our expert conducts a live coding session during which we build a prototype of a mechanism processing the image: from the camera pointing at an object in motion. The famous doll from the Squid Game serial was built on the same principle.


  • Red Light, Green Light – what’s with the Squid Game series? | Context introduction
  • Python and BareMetal
  • How to get started with MicroPython
  • Controlling embedded devices with Python
  • Embedded Visual System with OpenCV
  • Introduction to OpenCV with Python
  • Image processing operations
  • AI in visual system – human pose estimation
  • Q&A session

Trainer:  Paweł Czapiewski – Expert in Embedded Competency Center, has 10+ years of commercial experience in numerous projects as a Software Development Consultant and Mentor with the following languages: Python, C, C++, and C#. He was tech lead for several teams of developers and embedded software testers. His main focus is now on software development projects utilizing machine learning algorithms including supervised and reinforcement learning. He’s also contributing to the project for Next-GENeration IoT sOlutions for the Universal Supply chain. He also regularly conducts lecturers and training workshops on Machine Learning, Programing in Python, C# and C++, ISTQB, Android Architecture and many others.

Get more information and register for the event.

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