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Sii’s Next-generation performance tests – a new level of automated, AI-powered, and scalable testing

Sii has developed a testing approach that takes system performance to a whole new level. The solution allows to predict system behaviour more accurately and to prevent breakdowns and unavailability effectively. It is based on solid foundations leading testing tools, reliable processes and trusted professionals, who have built their experience over the years, working for almost every sector and testing all popular technologies.

The Next-generation performance tests offering covers unit, load, stress, soak, and spike tests with full performance system monitoring. It is fully automated, uses AI, can scale performance tests and execute on-demand tests from all major cloud providers and multiple geographic locations.

– The tools that we have picked guarantee success regardless of the solution tested, development method, technology stack, organization’s size and financial resources – says Marcin Laksander, Competency Center Director at Sii. – Our bespoke processes and methodologies ensure accuracy and independence in finding problems and preventing them, remembering that today systems can scale practically without a break, and the technologies used can be dovetailed or even interrelated – he adds.

The key to the next-generation testing solutions

What were the main objectives that were crucial to Sii when developing the new approach to performance tests?

  1. An innovative approach to testing

Performance tests can, or even should be, carried out at every stage of software development, in every test environment and at every release, and system performance monitored all the time, also in production environments.

  1. Immediate availability of test results

Typically, a report indicating potential problems or performance issues is available even a few days after testing. In the modern world, there is no time for this – tests should be prepared and performed much earlier, and the results should be obtained immediately.

  1. Flexible approach to all projects and development processes

Performance tests should be tailored to the specificity of each project and team, at the same time supporting every technology, but in a way that does not require continuous changes in testing tools and processes.

  1. One solution supporting all technologies

Tools supporting the performance testing process cannot be matched to the tested technology on a case-by-case basis.

Highly efficient tools and a synergy effect

With state-of-the-art tools: Tricentis Tosca, NeoLoad, Dynatrace, and Microsoft Azure, it has become possible to introduce a completely new quality standard of performance tests.

– We decided to use highly efficient solutions provided by the market leaders recognized worldwide. Each of these tools revolutionizes specific areas such as test automation, load tests, analysis, and cloud. Thanks to our expertise we were able to use a synergy effect to create an entirely new, effective approach to testing processes – says Artur Dudek, Lead Performance Test Architect at Sii.

Making the best use of the tools, Sii experts were able to create a platform that:

  • is regularly developed and offers more and more possibilities,
  • allows you to test any popular technology,
  • makes it possible to monitor the solution during tests, without the need to involve additional people,
  • tracks performance problems on its own – when they occur, when they end and where they originate from,
  • is very simple to configure and offers almost unlimited possibilities for integration with tools supporting the production and testing process.
Perfect solution for a challenging project

The new approach to performance tests was implemented in IG Group, a leader in the financial sector, providing services to nearly 250 000 clients in more than 140 countries around the world. Sii experts helped improve testing processes to ensure the top efficiency and availability of company’s brokerage systems.

Sii’s solution was a perfect fit for the complexity of the GI’s solution’s architecture, the number of users logged in simultaneously, and the expected response times. It resulted in significantly increased performance test coverage for all major applications, 10 times more realistic test scenarios, reducing the effort needed to prepare new tests, and complete automation of the test run process.

Another project was conducted for an international tobacco company, selling its products on the markets of nearly 200 countries. The goal was to prepare fully automated performance tests for clients’ e-commerce applications. Sii’s solution allowed to launch of test scripts from multiple locations around the world and simulate access from various operating systems and mobile devices.

The combination of well-chosen tools of the highest quality and many years of experience of Sii experts makes it possible to raise tests far above their standard form. Contact us and learn how our solutions can support your operations.

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