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Sii Poland has created analytical software that helps to restore order and control over the low-code integration platforms. Watch the video and learn more about ORB Integration Insights by Sii

We are living in the era of digital revolution. Nowadays, organizations widely use low-code, rapid development platforms. This approach, however, comes with the price of high maintenance costs when it’s done at a large scale. Anything that grows into hundreds or thousands of integrations eventually becomes cluttered, and slows the business down.

Sii Poland has created ORB Integration Insights to facilitate analysis of system integrations, and to enable understanding of what is happening between applications that interact with each other. Sii software can be suitable with systems like SnapLogic, Boomi, Mulesoft etc., to support integration teams by providing information like, for example:

  • Most critical integrations that require the fastest intervention
  • Integrations that are unnecessary and only slow the systems down
  • Parts of code that needs quality improvements

Watch the video below and find out how ORB Integration Insights turns days of analysis into minutes giving you time and cost savings on software maintenance.

Discover the key benefits of using ORB Integration Insights and contact our experts to find out more.

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