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Engineering talent, a solid reputation, and uninterrupted growth. Learn more about Sii Ukraine and the benefits of outsourcing in the local market

Companies of all sizes from various industry sectors have chosen Ukraine as their preferred location for IT outsourcing. Whether it is cost, expertise, or convenience, there is no doubt that Ukraine proves to be a strategic outsourcing destination. In November 2021, also Sii Poland decided to invest in the local market. Hiring specialists from Ukraine is a way to diversify sources of candidates and increase the competitiveness of Sii Poland, whereas Sii Ukraine aims to repeat the company’s success in the Ukrainian market and become a leading provider of IT, BPO, and engineering services there.

Over the years, Ukraine’s IT industry has been one of the largest exporters of IT services in Europe, according to the Kyiv-based tech-industry body – IT Ukraine Association, noting the growth dynamics of 25-30% annually and accounting for more than 4% of the country’s GDP. Despite the wartime crisis, the sector maintained its growth rate, proving extreme resilience and maturity.

Skill diversity in the Ukrainian extensive talent pool

The IT market in Ukraine has more than 200 000 specialists who, in addition to their academic degrees, are committed to self-education and staying up to date with the latest industry trends. As the country has been one of the most preferred and cost-effective outsourcing destinations for years, specialists from there have wide domain knowledge in the areas such as retail, high-tech, automotive, finance, healthcare, and public services. They possess all the necessary resources to complete projects of any complexity and deliver relevant first-rate solutions.

— Specialists working for Sii in Ukraine are qualified, competitive, and stand out in the market for their extensive experience, which makes them particularly worth hiring — says Tomasz Eberbach, Ukraine Business Lead at Sii.

The size and maturity of the Ukrainian IT market aren’t its only advantages. At the root of its competitive edge lies the exceptional range of competencies – from mainstream technologies to niche profiles, particularly sought after by many customers.

The top qualifications among Ukrainian IT professionals are JavaScript, C#, .NET, Java, and TypeScript, but you can also find there experienced manual and automation testers, DevOps, or cybersecurity experts, who had participated in multiple projects from diverse areas. The engineers are also known for their varying levels of seniority, which provides clients with virtually unlimited opportunities to build teams that precisely match their project needs.

Sii Ukraine’s plans to take a leadership position in the Ukrainian market

The current Ukrainian IT market differs little from the Polish one, except for the greater availability of experts. Many of them used to work for American start-ups, which have chosen to close down their operations due to the war. Outsourcing companies are leveraging the market situation to expand their teams and strengthen them with new competencies. The competition is growing because Ukrainian IT specialists have adapted well to the new conditions, and the quality of their work has remained at the same outstanding level.

— Companies that are considering engaging specialists from Ukraine can expect full stability of operations — says Tomasz Eberbach. — We can guarantee all our clients that projects will be implemented in a standard mode and all their needs will be fully covered. Sii teams consist of specialists from both Poland and Ukraine and in Poland alone, we already employ nearly 8 000 people. Every month we sign contracts with another 200 specialists on average — he comments.

The recruitment process at Sii Ukraine is smooth – all its stages can be conducted remotely, and the steps are the same as for Sii in Poland or Sweden. Specialists who decide to start cooperation with Sii receive the necessary equipment from the company and can take advantage of numerous benefits, such as health insurance or language courses, as well as team-building events.

— I’m a Line Manager of 20 people from Sii Ukraine who are members of the Engineering Competency Center — says Katarzyna Orniacka, Resource Manager at Sii. — They are well-versed specialists with a high work ethic, appreciated by Sii’s clients. Despite the current times, which are not the easiest for them, experts are characterized by exceptional motivation and willingness to give even more of themselves — she adds.

In the near future, the company plans to keep expanding the team, offering specialists stability of employment and work for global prestigious brands. With several new projects coming up, by the end of the year, Sii Ukraine plans to double the headcount and focus on strengthening its position in the Ukrainian IT market.

To find out more about current job opportunities, check out Sii Ukraine’s career pageContact us and discover opportunities for business cooperation with Sii teams.

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