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Powering innovation in Viessmann’s heating systems with the ViGuide mobile application   

In the dynamic realm of technology, alliances between visionary companies often spark innovations that transform industries. Such is the case with the partnership between Sii and Viessmann, where technological finesse and a shared commitment to excellence led to the development of the ViGuide mobile application, designed to enhance the efficiency of field technicians servicing heating installations. 

This innovative tool, tailored to the needs of technicians, results from meticulous teamwork, imaginative problem-solving and the application of the latest software tools and technologies.Central to the success of the ViGuide mobile application was the seamless collaboration between Sii and Viessmann.  

— The development of the ViGuide mobile application required the creation of a strong and dedicated team, consisting of iOS and Android developers, testers, scrum masters, and business analysts — says Justyna Madsen, Line Manager at Viessmann Research & Development Center. — Sii was able to effectively provide Viessmann with the resources needed to help build this team and ensure that it was staffed by experienced and knowledgeable professionals — she adds.  

Enhancing user experience and reliability

A major challenge in the development of the ViGuide mobile app was to ensure reliability and user-friendliness. To meet this challenge, the two teams worked closely to understand the complex needs of Viessmann customers. The outcome was an intuitive and straightforward application, tailored to user requirements. The ViGuide app empowers customers to remotely oversee online-connected installations and promptly address any arising issues. Extensive testing and quality assurance processes have been meticulously carried out to guarantee robustness and reliability, ensuring smooth application functionality. 

Within the application, users effortlessly access vital information about their selected installation. This encompasses customer details, heating system specifications (type, model), operational status, serial number, and communication module identification. 

Empowering technicians 

The success of the ViGuide mobile app depended on its ability to meet the needs of technicians working in the field. Sii and Viessmann collaborated to create a tool that streamlined technicians’ tasks.  

— The application was thoughtfully engineered to consider a wide range of technical and user experience requirements, and to ensure that the application was able to provide the right information at the right time — comments Steven Clegg, Account Executive at Sii Poland. This dynamic approach highlighted Sii’s adaptability and thorough understanding of its partner’s objectives. 

Innovating the market   

Essentially, Sii’s key role in the development of the ViGuide application for Viessmann is undeniable. The partnership’s strength lay in a dedicated team, driven by a shared commitment to quality and innovation. The resulting application has not only met but exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting mark on the heating systems market. Furthermore, it has surpassed 50,000 downloads on Google Play, garnering exceptional ratings from users. As Sii continues to work with Viessmann, the route is set for further innovation and development, strengthening the market position of both companies. 

The Sii-Viessmann partnership illustrates the potential of collaboration and innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape.  

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