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How to drive smart businesses? Learn more about Sii’s cooperation with a German fuel market leader

As Europe faces significant political changes, the fuel industry is also experiencing its own major transformation. Sii is leading this change, strengthening the move toward digital with smart tools and skillful technology use, reshaping the sector for what’s next. The company has partnered with a top-tier player in the German fuel sector to help with their digital transformation using advanced Business Intelligence tools.

Digitalization of the fuel sector

In the face of Europe’s recent geopolitical upheavals, no industry remains untouched – least of all the fuel sector, which finds itself at the heart of a major transformation.

— Switching from traditional mechanisms, such as paper documentation, companies are adopting digital solutions, enhancing their competitiveness and paving the way for future growth — comments Marta Przeor, Head of Public & Utilities at Sii. — Such a transition enables fuel companies to leverage IT tools in a myriad of ways: tailoring services to meet customer requirements, streamlining internal processes, and forecasting market trends using accessible data — she comments.

Smart business — harnessing Data & AI technologies to achieve operational excellence

— A modern approach to data integration and management is the foundation of today’s business analytics, quickly transforming raw data into actionable insights and equipping companies with the knowledge to boost their competitive edge — says Małgorzata Wodzisławska, Data & Analytics Competency Center Director at Sii. — Cutting-edge BI tools facilitate comprehensive data analysis, enabling operational optimization and strategic forecasting — she adds.

In its quest to accelerate digital transformation, Sii collaborates with a German fuel company using Microsoft Power BI. This ongoing partnership has resulted in a suite of tools and reports aimed at enhancing the company’s operations, such as:

  • A 360-degree customer view – offering sales insights segmented by individual customers while mapping the sale of auxiliary products across diverse departments and services,
  • Profitability reports for the management detailing the performance of sold services and products – complemented by an audit of existing reports and subsequent optimization,
  •  A tool for swift customer verification regarding sanctions,
  • A budget management tool – migrating budget issues from conventional spreadsheets to modern Power BI dashboards tailored to individual departments.

Extensive range of services for clients in the fuel industry

With a combination of advanced data analytics expertise and a profound understanding of the fuel sector, Sii aids the client in transforming all company facets  – from corporate to IT departments, facilitating the optimization and digitalization of all business processes.

With a separate Utilities division that brings together experts from the public utilities, energy, and fuel industries, Sii provides services to top European companies and institutions in this sector, focusing primarily on delivering added value to clients in terms of IT, engineering, and BPO services, meeting their unique requirements — concludes Marta Przeor.

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