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Discover how Sii experts enable business scaling and ensure security at CoffeeDesk with a flexible Salesforce B2B Commerce Lightning platform

Salesforce experts from Sii, a certified Salesforce Partner, carry out B2B Commerce migration for CoffeeDesk – the leading coffee e-commerce in Central and Eastern Europe. The implementation of the platform is an innovation on a European scale – it paves the way for the latest Salesforce solution dedicated to B2B sales – B2B Commerce Lightning. Sii specialists comprehensively implement the sales platform that will be connected not only with CRM Salesforce, but also with many external systems. Its flexibility in terms of matching and optimization in terms of CoffeeDesk’s key business processes will accelerate the company’s development in the area of ​​B2B sales, including increasing the efficiency of the store and its facilities, improving safety and reducing maintenance costs and the development of tools working within one technology.

The pandemic has affected every area of ​​our lives, from our daily habits to the organization of our business. In the case of the e-commerce industry, it was a time of development and significant changes that became a catalyst for further growth. A perfect example of such a situation is CoffeeDesk – e-commerce, which not only conquers the European coffee market, but also boldly invests in new technologies and with the support of Sii’s Salesforce Competency Center, is one of the first clients in Poland and Europe to implement B2B Commerce Lightning.

Accelerating the dynamic development of CoffeeDesk

The decision to migrate to another platform was dictated, among others, by the need to adapt it to the increasing scale of not only transactions, but also expansion into new foreign markets. The choice of both ready-made box solutions for self-configuration and suppliers offering the creation of tailor-made e-commerce systems is huge, but the issue of configuring and integrating such a system with solutions already operating in a given company is not without significance. In this case, CoffeeDesk decided to involve Sii’s experts and choose the B2B Commerce Lightning solution from Salesforce.

– CoffeeDesk is developing very dynamically: B2B in 2020 grew by over 40%, a similar level of growth is recorded this year. To maintain this level, we need a tool that will be scalable to many markets and that will work perfectly with our existing CRM system, operating in the Salesforce environment. Our current solution was designed for a much smaller scale of business, which is why we needed a safe system and suitable for further growth – says Marcin Zamaro, Head of B2B Sales at CoffeeDesk.

Advantages of B2B Commerce Lightning

B2B Commerce Lightning when connected to Salesforce CRM provides an integrated work environment for the departments: Sales, After Sales and E-commerce. Ultimately, a marketing automation (Pardot) solution will also be added to the range of tools used, which will improve the scaling and automation of communication processes with CoffeeDesk customers.

Source: Salesforce materials

– Thanks to the use of an integrated platform to support key processes in the B2B department, CoffeeDesk will achieve better efficiency and will reduce the costs of maintaining and developing tools working within one technology –  says Paweł Augustyn, Consultant at the Salesforce Competence Center at Sii.

Salesforce ecosystem users have access to a lot of information in one place, which significantly reduces the number of tools needed to perform daily tasks. It is possible thanks to the idea of ​​360 view, which provides optimal visibility on the most important matters related to clients.

What makes the project innovative?

The implementation of the new platform carried out by Sii’s Salesforce Competency Center is unique for several reasons:

  • This is a new technology that was launched in mid-2020, which required a quick and thorough analysis of B2B Commerce capabilities by Sii engineers.
  • Thanks to native integration with Salesforce CRM, it combines data related to sales, customer service and e-commerce and allows you to manage the customer base in a 360-degree view. The use of a homogeneous and integrated work environment builds the technological advantage of CoffeeDesk on the e-commerce market.
  • The scale and complexity of implementation: tasks performed by the Sii team include not only adjusting the B2B Commerce platform in line with CoffeeDesk’s expectations, but also building integration with many external systems. The connections with ERP, WMS, PIM/CDN, GUS/Vies systems, carriers such as DHL, DPD, Inpost or payment gateways like PayU and Paypal. The wide spectrum of integration will allow the CoffeeDesk team to use a modern, tailored solution that takes full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Salesforce platform.
  • Long-term cooperation: the project assumptions provide that after the MVP phase, the team of engineers from the Salesforce Competency Center will be responsible for implementing the functionalities indicated in the product backlog to be implemented at the next stage of the project, including chatbots, process automation, or CoffeeDesk customer satisfaction surveys. These functionalities will be implemented in Salesforce and in one environment will support the work of the CoffeeDesk team and increase the satisfaction of B2B customers using the new purchasing platform.
The possibilities of the B2B Commerce Lightning solution

B2B Commerce Lightning is a new tool offered by Salesforce, which has been on the market for less than a year. – We anticipate that B2B Commerce Lightning, which uses Salesforce’s ability to build e-commerce platforms integrated with CRM using Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud), will soon gain in popularity due to its versatility – emphasizes Paweł Augustyn. As part of the solution, customers receive a ready-made mock-up of the store and a set of functionalities, which can then be adapted to the needs of the implementation, both visually and functionally.
In the context of the backend of such e-commerce, the use of Salesforce enables global management of customer groups and related price lists. The work of salespeople and after-sales service, thanks to Salesforce tools and many integrations that feed the CRM system with data, create a 360-degree view, which allows for faster implementation of daily tasks, greater transparency and consistency of data, and thus – easier and faster business scaling. Importantly, the platform is operated in the low-code approach – most of the functions are available declaratively and configurable by the people managing the platform – administrators, not developers.
More technical insights on B2B Commerce Lightning are described by Sii’s experts from the Salesforce Competency Center on Sii’s technology blog.

The partnership cooperation

Choosing the right tool is not enough. It is also important to have thorough knowledge and appropriate skills necessary for its implementation. Sii offered the client much more.

– We chose Sii in a demanding tender process, in which we took into account not only the proposed price of project implementation, but we examined the organization’s resources necessary for a flexible approach during its duration, such as the ability to scale the team and the ease and level of communication with people responsible for the project. It cannot be denied that Sii presented a very high substantive level of the proposed analytical and development team and it was one of the key decision-making factors – says Marcin Zamaro.

– From the perspective of Sii as a supplier, the key to the success of the project is the flexibility to respond to the emerging needs of CoffeeDesk. By preparing the documentation of the processes and analyzing the currently existing solutions, we make sure whether it is more optimal to transfer the existing processes or build new ones, using the Salesforce capabilities – explains Paweł Augustyn. – The second success factor is our ability to quickly scale the team involved in the project. In our unit, which employs almost 100 specialists in the Salesforce area, we have selected a team consisting of analysts, developers, a consultant and an architect. In addition, the testing team is also involved at the UAT stage, and the entire project is supported by a delivery manager – he adds.

In projects of this complexity, a committed and substantive-oriented team on the client’s side is also necessary. This is also the case here. CoffeeDesk rose to the occasion, dedicating to the project team on the part of IT: operational manager and senior business analyst, and in the business part managers from the area of ​​E-commerce and B2B.

If you need support in implementing a modern CRM or developing Salesforce combined with e-commerce, check our offer and contact us. We will be happy to suggest how we can help you develop your business.

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