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About the client

Bombardier - large manufacturer of regional airliners, business jets, mass transportation equipment, and recreational equipment, and a provider of financial services.

The challenge

Creating a web and desktop application for the support ( and ultimately carrying out) of tests of the onboard Bombardier system EBICAB in various countries in Europe.

What we did

The Track Test System (TTS) enables simplified testing of a Bombardier product – EBICAB, which is an on-board part of the Automatic Train Control (ATC) system. The TTS is based on two applications built by us, constituting the core of the entire project:

The TIS (Track Information System) web application is used to enter and store detailed information about railway infrastructure.
The information gathered in TIS enables the creation of test cases in the TT (Track Tester) desktop application.

Thanks to this configuration, it will be possible to efficiently send the entered information (e.g. ready-made test cases) between the persons carrying out the tests.

  • The TIS web application – is a large data warehouse about railway infrastructure, containing both railway routes and data from devices providing transit data to the train. The data comes from real train journeys. Data from the web application is used by the desktop application.
  • The TT desktop application – is a direct interface for reading and entering information and for conducting test journeys aimed at simulating real train journeys. To create them, the application downloads data entered in the web application. The application allows to create any given trip in the countries included in the project.


Thanks to the created applications, the process of producing and conducting tests of the EBI Cab system has been simplified and the labor costs minimized. The created applications allow for safe storage of the entered information and presenting it in a user-friendly form. The project covers many countries in Europe.

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