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About the client

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The challenge

Our Client, when acquiring the infrastructure and subscribers of the ZAIN network services in over ten countries in Africa, made a decision to rebrand and update banking software inbuilt in all cards (several dozen million) used by service subscribers.
The need for software update resulted from the need for rebranding and modernization of embedded banking applications to adjust them to the current operator’s offer for each end-user.

What we did

Within a few months, Sii carried out the analysis of dozens of existing memory maps, searching through SIM cards for free space in EEPROM and for superfluous components. Then, Sii engineers designed a number of software update versions (taking into account different dialects, profiles and card operating systems) and developed over twenty OTA (Over-The-Air) campaigns, which enabled our client to have a remote software update for all its service subscribers with no need to involve end users.


The Client received a complete solution which enabled them to use the operator’s network infrastructure for the update of software in all or selected service subscribers in many countries. In addition, services offered by the Client were standardized and Mobile Banking applications were updated.

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