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About the client

A comprehensive update and extension of the software package used to collect, validate and report data on production processes in the customer's factories

The challenge

A series of needs related to software created to collect, validate and report data about production processes in the client’s factories, including:

  • Updating and extending the possibilities of the product
  • Adjusting the possibilities of the new software to the needs of new clients
  • Providing multiple language versions of the product
  • Adjusting the product to new security requirements
  • Maintenance and upgrade of previous versions of the product

What we did

The client’s product – a software package – allows users to define where to obtain data on production processes, how to process data to get valuable information from them and how to compile the data and present it in reports.

The combination of these abilities enables the product to determine OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), which is widely used in transmission automation – and at the same time is its most important function. The data collected by the product and calculated indicators are used to improve and increase production, reduce costs and improve quality. The product enables the validation of investments in the factory.

We have carried out a comprehensive update of the entire product and added new functionalities:

  • We updated source codes of all the applications which are a part of the product (software package)
  • We introduced changes improving the operation and increasing security, in accordance with the client’s requirements
  • We introduced new functionalities
  • We adapted the product to support many language versions
  • We adjusted the product to work with new operation systems and new software of 3rd companies
  • We improved the functioning of previous versions of the product and removed errors
  • We carried out tests and trial deployments

Simultaneously with creating the new version of the product, the team worked on maintaining older versions by analyzing, repairing and releasing patches for problems reported by our client’s recipients.


  • A new version of a well-known and widely used product – adjusted to work with many languages
  • Software adjusted to the cooperation with other, new solutions of the client
  • Increased security and reliability
  • A product easy to maintain and extend
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