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Over 1,000 Java developers, various development paths, and projects implemented for the largest companies in the world. Meet some of our experts and check why you should join Sii

Sii already has over 1,000 Java developers who carry out projects for brands such as PUMA, Ingenico, Scalepoint, Sennheiser, Berlingske Media, ABB Sartorius, Qiagen every day. Specialists from Sii’s Digital Competency Center join projects in which the majority of the work covers the development of new products and functionalities. Apart from internal communities, the team has various knowledge sharing and professional growth opportunities, including organized training sessions and numerous partnerships, among others with Adobe.

At Sii, the portfolio of projects that a candidate can join is really wide. Engineers carry out tasks for various sectors, from medical to consumer goods, hi-tech, and financial services. What does it mean in practice? Constant development, no room for boredom, and the possibility of changing the current project if it no longer fits you after some time.

– I changed the project twice using the internal Job Changer application. The process itself was fast and very pleasant. The project carried out for mElements was particularly attractive for me. A public cloud, working with a product, a large team, and a complex domain allowed me to gain new skills and develop at a surprisingly rapid pace – says Kamil Czyżnielewski, Java Developer at Sii.

What other projects have Sii teams implemented? For Ingenico, the engineers are creating a Data Lake system, thanks to which the client can store data concerning payments made via terminals. The amount of processed data and the scale of the client’s operations are very large, as Ingenico’s solutions have 600 million users around the world.

For ICE Services, on the other hand, the team is developing a system for processing data on music playback by users on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube, where royalties are charged for copyrights.

– The project was very interesting in terms of technology, it used Apache Spark, Kafka, Hadoop, and AWS – says Łukasz Ryński, Solution Architect at Sii. – I’ve been working for Sii for 6 years already and I’ve had the opportunity to work for both Ingenico and ICE Services. Currently, I’m working on a project for Sartorius Sweden – an international supplier of pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment. Our task is to design an analytical tool for data processing, building models, and creating the so-called Digital Twin for medical devices. The project is based on the microservices and micro-frontend architecture, and the entire solution runs on Kubernetes he adds.

Willing to learn and share their knowledge – both inside and outside the company

Sii engineers develop themselves not only in the projects which they carry out for the clients. Many of them happily take part in training and certification courses, and also share their knowledge through internal and external workshops.

– I have been working for Sii for over 10 years, I have completed several certifications and I help in gaining new clients and employees. Also, I’m happy to get involved in various initiatives which enable me to share my experience. Currently, I am conducting training for two groups of trainees, thanks to which, as the Digital Competence Center, we help people who are determined to change their careers and develop in the IT industry – says Piotr Jankowski, Consultant at Sii.

Many engineers have already developed under Piotr Jankowski’s guidance. At Sii, there is a Java Community as well as a mentoring program, thanks to which developers can benefit from mutual support in everyday challenges.

– As an intern at Sii, under the supervision of Piotr Jankowski, I wrote an application (chatbot), which helps users in the process of returning goods. I used cloud solutions, including artificial intelligence and machine learning – says Paweł Dąbrowski, Junior Java Developer at Sii. – In the Digital Competency Center you can feel the spirit of the company and its commitment to the development of its specialists, which I really like. Almost immediately after being hired, I was offered participation in Spring training, which I have gladly completed – he adds.

Sii engineers share their knowledge outside the company as well. You can see them at meetups, webinars organized by the company, and at universities.

– I love to share my knowledge. I teach at the University of Technology, I participate in the Rzeszow Java User Group meetings. I also happened to lead Lego Mindstorms programming workshops for children – says Józef Tokarski, Java Tech Lead at Sii. – What I appreciate the most are the meetings, exchange of insights, and brainstorming sessions. I’m curious about people, that’s why I’m involved in the technical assessment of candidates. Over the course of two years, I’ve handled about a hundred of them – he adds.

No one likes goodbyes, but nothing is more enjoyable than comebacks!

It is natural that engineers want to prove themselves in another project, elsewhere. However, nothing gives such satisfaction as the fact that some people decide to come back and start the adventure at Sii anew.

­– At Sii, I started with an internship as part of the Summer Talent Academy. Then, I joined the PUMA project, in which we developed a system for the early design of footwear, apparel, and accessories. Being just an adept programmer, it was greatly valuable for me to have extremely experienced colleagues by my side. I’m grateful to them for their wise guidance until this very day – says Maciej Sienkiewicz, Java Developer. – Two years later, I thought it would be worth leaving my comfort zone, completely changing the environment and looking for a new company. However, after a short adventure, I came back to Sii and I currently support the development of the largest e-commerce platform in Poland. At Sii, I appreciate the fact that the company tries to take care of its specialists on many levels. The company not only provides technical or soft skills training opportunities but also supports you in developing your passions outside working hours – he adds.

Do you want to join Sii and find out for yourself about the atmosphere here? Or you are interested in projects that you can join? Check the offers and apply!

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