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Five years of cooperation toward engineering excellence. Learn how Sii experts are supporting the development of AuE Kassel assembly lines

To succeed in today’s industry, it is crucial to effectively manage engineers and leverage their skills, especially in creating innovative machinery. Being aware of this, Sii and AuE Kassel, a leading provider of assembly lines for the automotive industry, have been jointly driving their mutual development in mechanical engineering for more than five years. The partnership translates into strategic benefits for the customer, including increased work efficiency, more than 20 jointly executed projects, and significant cost optimization on the customer side.

The foundation of shared success – flexibility

The partnership between Sii and AuE Kassel is based on the dynamic collaboration of engineers during all stages of machine design. The cooperation has been an enormous success thanks to the flexibility in task management, mutual understanding, and a strategic approach to business development. Sii engineers are involved in the machine concept preparation, mechanical design, and creation of technical documentation, as well as providing support in commissioning the designed equipment.

— Sii Poland provides AuE Kassel with a mechanical design service, enabling the client to focus on its core business areas — comments Paulina Bielec-Tupko, Business Development Manager at Sii Poland. — AuE leverages the experience of Sii’s experts in engineering and technology to provide innovative mechanical design solutions to its clients. This cooperation allows both companies to benefit from their strengths and achieve even better results — she concludes.

The power of outsourcing in engineering services

By outsourcing engineering services, particularly mechanical design, to Sii Poland, AuE Kassel has achieved substantial benefits. This move increases productivity, optimizes AuE’s costs, and helps the company maintain its dominant position in the highly competitive machinery market.

— The cooperation between Sii and AuE in machine and production station design is a unique example of synergy between two strong companies — says Szymon Woźnica, Engineering Competency Center Director at Sii Poland. — Thanks to Sii’s specialized services, Aue Kassel provides customers with advanced solutions that meet the highest quality standards and are tailored to specific requirements — he adds.

Sii engineers also appreciate the collaboration with the market leader, including the opportunity for ongoing development and exchange of experience during the machine design process.

— As the leader of the engineering team, I especially appreciate the cooperation with a strong partner like AuE Kassel. Teams from both companies focus on continuous competency-building, which results in mutual understanding and strengthening the position in the assembly line market — comments Kamil Chełstowski, Team Leader at Sii Poland.

Regarding benefits, the client’s representatives point out the immediate response to customer needs, tangible proof of their partnership’s significant value.

— As specialists in special machine construction, we rely on a highly motivated team and strong partners — says Christoph Rübe, Team Leader Engineering Mechanic at AuE Kassel. — Thanks to Sii engineers, we have exactly such a partner. After more than five years of cooperation, AuE and Sii teams have integrated and are well coordinated. Thanks to intensive cooperation, the awareness and mutual understanding of the two companies’ philosophies are constantly growing — he adds.

Future plans — experience exchange and sustainable growth

Sii and AuE Kassel reflect on five years of cooperation, which has yielded more than 20 joint projects and are optimistic about the future marked by further development, shared experience, and many innovative projects.

— AuE collaborates with customers to solve seemingly unsolvable tasks and stimulate joint growth —adds Mirko Herzfeldt, Head of Engineering Mechanic at AuE Kassel. – With Sii, we have a strong, dynamic partner with whom we can react flexibly to our customers’ wishes and act quickly. Close cooperation with constant exchange of information helps all involved to achieve the set goals with deadlines and due quality jointly — he concludes.

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