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    15 sites across Europe and over 6 000 supported users – Sii manages Staples Solutions Global IT Support Service

    Staples Solutions, one of the most recognizable e-commerce office supplier brands worldwide, faced the need of finding the right partner to be trusted with Global IT Support Service. Sii managed to provide a cost-effective and high quality solution for 15 clients’ sites across Europe and over 6 000 supported end-users.

    Optimizing management of Global Support Service

    Staples Solutions is the leading provider of workplace products, services and solutions to small, mid-sized, and large businesses in Europe. The company was looking for a new partner to manage its multilingual, global IT Support Service Center. Client’s major objective was to maintain expected quality of their services at lower costs and consolidate services provided so far by three different companies. Each company was responsible for one of the key areas that needed to be taken care of:

    • Service Desk,
    • Network Operations Center,
    • ServiceNow development.

    What is more, Staples Solutions expected from its new partner an ITIL-oriented approach with all areas of 1st level support, including Incident Management, Problem Management, Access Management, Knowledge Management, and Service Request Fulfilment.

    Advantages of a one-stop-shop and client-centric approach

    The cooperation started with a series of technical workshops and meetings that were necessary to define key success factors related to the Client’s challenges and prepare a well fit scenario of further changes, as it was crucial not to disrupt daily operations during the transition stage.

    – We made sure that every risk was considered, every step evaluated and all Client’s requests employed in the service plan, while maintaining transparent discussions about the budget. The level of understanding and openness made this success story possible – says Karolina Schuetz, Account Executive at Sii.

    Global IT Support for thousands of end-users

    In order to address Staples Solutions goals, Sii, as a new single vendor, put its primary focus on:

    • Designing a more cost-effective way to manage a complex service
    • Utilizing a full range of ITIL processes
    • Reducing the total number of incidents and increasing user self-service
    • Undisturbed business continuity for Staples Solutions’ users

    The final point was especially challenging as Sii had to build the new Support Team from scratch and complete transition stage over a very short period of time. As a result, in two months, we took over the full responsibility for the service with all expected SLAs and KPIs.

    All user support processes at Staples Solutions are managed via ServiceNow platform, that facilitates daily tasks, automates workflows and ensures all user information is consistent and accessible 24/7.  Sii experts are responsible for managing the running instance and while proactively recommending ways for further development.

    Sii maintained and improved business-critical ITIL processes that are essential to ensure a standardized and quality-driven service management. The goal of the processes designed by our experts is to:

    • reduce the number of incidents
    • increase work efficiency through self-service
    • improve communication on business-IT line.

    What is the most important, the solution is fully scalable and it provides capacity for further service development.

    Currently the services managed by Sii, cover 24/7/365 availability for 15 Staples Solutions sites across Europe and over 6 000 supported end-users, with up to several thousand of managed requests every month.

    – Sii and Staples Solutions’ partnership moves forward with a lot of potential for future development of services as part of our call to action. As circumstances change in both micro- and macro-scale, Sii remains flexible and attentive to our needs. I can safely say this a Partner to be trusted in complex, long-lasting projects” – says Paweł Rzepka, Application Support Director at Staples Solutions.

    To find out more about the Sii’s Service Desk projects – visit our website.

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