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About the client

World's leading financial institution, serving more than 200 million customers in over 100 countries.

The challenge

The previous team consisted of people working in the UK, Germany, Singapore and India. The Client had problems with managing a team dispersed in several countries and different time zones. Apart from that, the quality of work presented by the team in India was unsatisfactory, and it was difficult to make contact when communicating in English.

What we did

We have created a team which, as a core, was integrated in the process structures of our Client for the EMEA region, with offices in the UK, Singapore and Germany.
The team consists of 17 administrators – 12 Solaris, 4 AIX, 1 Team Leader, working in a three-shift system ensuring maintenance for 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.


The Sii team is responsible for the ongoing 24/7 maintenance of over 800 servers in the EMEA region, including over 600 Solaris servers, about 100 AIX servers, and about 100 Red Hat servers.
We also monitor security, the use of resources, and changes in implementation. We handle reports from business (PROD, COB, UAT and DEV environments). As a Single Point of Contact for the UNIX environment, we implement changes in Solaris / AIX / Red Hat systems, such as the installation of patches for new software, reconfiguration of services, resource optimization and risk management.

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